In Cojali we incorporate added value to the products and services that we offer to the commercial vehicle aftermarket sector through Big Data technology. For years, we have invested in data analysis platforms to improve our products. At the same time, these platforms can help our distributors optimise their business models according to the service and product type they offer to their customers.

With a clear aim, focused on satisfying the market and customer’s needs, in Cojali we offer 360° solutions that help our distributors supply our products in an optimal way, giving a better service to its customers, workshops and, therefore, reducing the downtime of commercial vehicles. In Cojali we continue innovating to improve the efficiency of commercial vehicles and the transport industry in general.

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Data model as strategic advantage.

In Cojali we work in the development of new products and services basing us on data, valuing the importance of all information available, both internal, accumulated after more than 25 years of experience dedicated to the commercial vehicle, and external from different sources of the sector. This added value is available for our distributors and partners in order to make their business grow and optimise their resources.

Advanced analytics are the key.

We design and implement advanced analytic solutions with artificial intelligence modules in order to make the most of all data generated as manufacturers, as well as external data derived from digital environments and all available sources of the sector (search browser, web environment, social media, etc.).


Transforming data in tangible value.

The intelligence obtained from the processing and interpretation of this huge volume of heterogeneous data is translated to mechanisms that facilitate taking strategic and tactic decisions so that our customers optimise their business models:

  • Early identification of tendencies and patterns
  • Analysis and prediction of demand
  • Prevention of stockout
  • Tools to manage the uncertainty in the supply and demand area
  • Continuous improvement of the product manufacture and evolution processes
  • Continuous improvement in the product reliability
  • “Time-to-market" reduction for new products
  • Identification of new business opportunities
  • Etc.

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