Cojali announces the opening of a new representative office in India for Jaltest Solutions and Cojali Parts

April 3, 2024

We are pleased to announce the recent opening of a new representative office in India, a strategic step to expand our presence in the Asian market. This initiative builds on our successful operations in other countries, such as Turkey, Mexico, France, Italy and the United States.

Dr SD Sharma, an experienced leader in the automotive sector, takes over as Executive Director - South Asia. His deep knowledge and passion for the industry will be vital to the success of this new office.

Our main objective is to establish a strong network of partners and distributors in the Indian market. We want to offer exceptional support to both our distributors and end customers. The new office will focus on providing technical support and training in the local language.

The brands we will promote in the Indian market are Jaltest Solutions and Cojali Parts. Jaltest Solutions is our award-winning range of diagnostics equipment for commercial vehicles, agricultural equipment, OHW equipment, material handling equipment and vessels. The intuitive interface and high-quality technical information have consolidated Jaltest Diagnostics as a global benchmark. On the other hand, Cojali Parts offers a wide range of components for commercial vehicles, agricultural equipment and OHW equipment, and is synonymous with quality and reliability.

We have incorporated native profiles with extensive experience in the sector in the country, which represents a strategic market for our expansion as it is the largest manufacturer of tractors in the world and has an outstanding production of buses and heavy trucks. 

We welcome Dr SD Sharma and our talented team. We are confident that their dedication and expertise will contribute to the continued success of Jaltest Solutions and Cojali Parts in India. 

We are excited about this new phase and look forward to further strengthening our products and services in the Indian market!


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