The fuel injection revolution: The modern sensors of Cojali Parts achieve the most efficient performance

November 14, 2023

In a world where efficiency and sustainability are a must, fuels play a key role in the operation of engines. They are the chemical power source that boosts the machinery of our vehicles, transforming it into mechanical energy through the combustion process. 

Over the years, the constant search for a more efficient and sustainable performance has led to a significant evolution of fuel injection systems with the aim of improving the efficiency of engines and obtaining a significant reduction of consumption and polluting emissions.

Fundamental parameters in the fuel injection

Apart from the fuel quality and purity, aspects regulated by specific regulations, the measurement and the control of several operation parameters are essential, particularly in modern and advanced injection systems such as the common-rail.

One of the fundamental parameters that affects the engine efficiency is the fuel injection pressure. High pressure implies a better fuel atomisation in the combustion chamber, which enables a more efficient combustion at the same time. The poor performance of these sensors might result in inefficient injections, which might cause the mix of fuel with the engine oil, or even delays in the fuel ignition, therefore increasing both the emissions and the fuel consumption.

The measurement of the fuel temperature is also an essential aspect, since the current electronic units use it to calculate its density and to determine in a precise way the quantity of fuel to be injected in the combustion chamber.

The key role of sensors in the fuel injection

The sensors, designed and manufactured with cutting-edge technology, play a key role in the optimisation of the fuel injection process. By providing accurate and real-time measurements of the fuel pressure and temperature, they enable a more effective and efficient management of the fuel supply to the engines.

The engineering team of Cojali Parts performs a fundamental coordination work in the manufacture of a modern range of sensors such as the fuel pressure sensors and the fuel temperature sensors with the aim of ensuring the optimal performance of fuel supply systems and to make a difference in the efficiency and performance of your fuel injection systems.


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