Did you know in which part of the vehicle takes place the removal of polluting gases?

September 21, 2022

Nowadays, the commitment to the environment has become one of the most important aspects concerning the automotive sector. Although electric vehicles are increasingly present in vehicle fleets, those vehicles that still use fossil fuels (diesel or gasoline) are still predominant.

For that reason, in the last years several technologies have been developed with the aim of reducing polluting emissions produced by these vehicles so as to improve the quality of the air, especially in urban centres. One of these technologies is the Exhaust Gas Recirculation system or EGR system.

Although this technology appeared in 1996 in order to meet Euro 2 standards, it is still used in modern vehicles, since it is beneficial for the environment.

This system is in charge of redirecting part of the exhaust gases to the vehicle intake manifold. Thanks to the insertion of these gases into the combustion chamber, the combustion temperature is reduced, which prevents the formation of nitrogen oxides (NOx).

Within our range of auxiliary components for the engine, at Cojali Parts we have electro-pneumatic EGR valves, which are in charge of controlling that the gas recirculation is performed in an optimal way in order to ensure a clean operation of the vehicle and to keep its power intact.

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