Shifting gears properly can increase your vehicle's life

September 8, 2022

In the last years, the development of transmission systems has been mainly focused on the driver's comfort and driving efficiency.

The main manufacturers have spared no efforts to improve the vehicle performance in order to ensure greater precision and safety.

One system of the drivetrain related to this evolution is the gearbox, in charge of adapting the vehicle power to each situation. Therefore, for this action to be carried out, it is essential to shift gears properly.

While driving, using the correct gear not only affects the useful life of the vehicle, but also reduces pollutant emissions and fuel consumption considerably.

Modern automatic systems enable gears to be shifted practically instantly, giving the driver a sensation of smooth driving never seen before.

These improvements would have never been possible without the technological development of components such as clutch servos, clutch modules or gearbox valves.

The engineering team of Cojali Parts designs and manufactures these components paying special attention to all these details to ensure the best performance.

Take a look at the section of the transmission and power systems of our website and find them out!


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