Did you know that repair kits can give the gearbox a new life?

August 31, 2022

To a great extent, the useful life of a vehicle depends on the durability of the gearbox.

This element undergoes highly demanding operating conditions, therefore requiring to ensure excellent performance.

Its design and manufacture imply a considerable investment in engineering, with the aim of turning it into a long-lasting technological component. Besides, it must be made out of high-quality materials in order to ensure the best performance.

In a gearbox there are components prone to wear, which demand maintenance after certain usage time. When their useful life has come to an end, it is required to replace some seals, gaskets or bushings to ensure that the rest of components can continue to operate without further problems.

In Cojali Parts, we offer a wide range of repair kits for gearbox that allow increasing its useful life. Discover them here!


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