Cojali Reman | Starting a new life

May 18, 2023

Giving a useful life to components of commercial vehicles is part of Cojali DNA, since we started our activity back in 1991 repairing cooling systems for this type of vehicles.

Thanks to the know-how gained over these 30 years as manufacturers of components for the commercial vehicle sector, and to our Investigation and Component Repair Department, at Cojali we are capable of detecting errors and repairing them efficiently by replacing those parts in poor condition or with increased wear, thus avoiding the disposal of components that can still be used.

Conserving the environment and searching for sustainability are issues that are increasingly present in our company philosophy. Therefore, with Cojali Reman, not only do we contribute to the conservation of the environment, we also help our clients to reduce costs and generate less waste thanks to our large offer of remanufactured products such as brake calipers, valves, brake and suspension systems and units with electronic control.

Contribute to the environment. Start a new life with Cojali Reman.


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