Why ensure the optimal performance of a new clutch in the vehicle before launching it onto the market

May 24, 2023

When we are at the final development stages of a new viscous clutch model, it is essential to carry out performance tests in the vehicle itself in order to verify that the clutch behaviour meets the cooling needs of the vehicle under real conditions.  

This type of tests is mainly required when a new clutch model needs to be validated, in which it has been implemented improvements or innovations in the design that might interact with the behaviour of the vehicle cooling system.

Even though Cojali has test benches specifically designed for any type of test, those tests performed in the vehicle provide higher reliability. Thanks to them, it is possible to check on site the viscous clutch behaviour when being used.

Another fundamental aspect that must be considered in this process is the correct installation of the new clutch in the vehicle. In this regard, Cojali offers to its customers simple installation guides, developed specifically for this purpose.

Once the viscous clutch has been installed in the vehicle, it is possible to carry out two different types of tests:

  • Being the vehicle stopped and with the help of Jaltest Diagnostics equipment, it is possible to perform static tests that include checks in different engine speed rates, such as:
    • Suitable response times to changes in the engine temperature.
    • Evolution of the fan speed rate depending on the engine temperature.
    • Maximum fan speed rate being the clutch engaged.
    • Fan speed rate being the clutch disengaged.
    • Fan speed rate being the air conditioning system on.
    • Modulation of the fan speed depending on the signal emitted by the ECU.
  • When the viscous clutch is already installed in the vehicle, it is possible to analyse its behaviour for a certain time by means of dynamic tests, also known as field tests.

Once both tests have been performed, provided that the final result is satisfactory, the new clutch is 100% validated and ready to be used. 

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