FEATURED PRODUCT | New viscous clutches of electromagnetic activation

May 25, 2023

The automotive industry is constantly changing and it always aims at reaching maximum efficiency and consumption economy in vehicles.

In Cojali we have been capable of adapting to these changes and we have launched the new line of viscous clutches of electromagnetic activation, designed for the new cooling systems integrated in vehicles with engines of the latest generation and low cylinder capacity. 

Until now, these engines used clutches activated by temperature. Despite being quite reliable, eventually they proved to be inferior in terms of efficiency.

  • Discover the advantages of having these new clutches!
  • They adapt to a wide variety of vehicles thanks to their flexible design.
  • They are lighter! This increases their efficiency and useful life, as well as the coolant pump’s.
  • They respond very fast to engagement and disengagement.
  • They regulate the speed with high precision.
  • They can be configured to work at 12V or 24V.


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