Did you know that brake actuators have a locking device?

March 21, 2023

These components are active elements in the brake systems of commercial vehicles and their purpose is to transform the pneumatic pressure into mechanical power for the brake application.

The braking process can be carried out by applying the service brake (brake pedal) or the parking brake (handbrake).

According to UNECE R13 regulation, the parking brake must be entirely mechanical. Therefore, this type of actuators have a powerful spring to exert the adequate mechanical braking force.

In a driving situation, to relief the parking brake, the spring is disabled by a pressure inlet (connection 12). However, when the actuator does not receive pressure through this connection, the spring exerts braking force.

In order to transport and install the actuators, the spring must be disabled. In order to do so, these actuators have a locking device that disables this spring, facilitating thus their handling. There are different locking devices to carry out this function depending on each application and the assembling space available.

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Did you know that brake actuators have a locking device?


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