COJALI PARTS | Our product evolves, our brand too

November 9, 2021

The Cojali component brand is now called Cojali Parts.

During these 30 years, some of the most recognised brands in the world regarding the industrial automotive sector, such as Jaltest Diagnostics, Jaltest Telematics or Cojali, recently renamed Cojali Parts, have been created under the scope of Cojali S. L.

Cojali Parts was established as the first activity of Cojali S.L. more than three decades ago. During this time, the objective of the company has been to place technology, innovation and quality as the main basis of its products in order to be at the forefront of the sector. As a result of this fact, Cojali Parts currently has more than 15,000 references in its catalogue, thanks to its unstoppable growth and evolution.

The early efforts of Cojali Parts were focused on the design, development and manufacture of cooling systems, a product family to which, over the time, other families, such as suspension and braking systems, transmission and power systems, electronic and electrical components, and repair kits, have been added.

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