Featured Product | Repair kits for gearbox actuators

September 2, 2022

The gearbox actuators are elements installed in automatic or automated gearboxes, in charge of actuating the selectors to perform the gear shift.

Since they are mobile elements, they are highly prone to wear. Therefore, after certain usage time they should undergo maintenance.

These elements include an electronic control unit, solenoid valves and mechanical components. Thanks to repair kits, it is possible to use the most valuable components that are still in good condition and reuse them by replacing the components subject to wear.

In this way, it is possible to extend the life cycle of the products and to recycle those materials that are still useful, which contributes to the environment and to the maximum optimisation of the vehicle repair cost.

In the latest innovations of Cojali Parts, you will be able to find our new range of gearbox actuator repair kits for ASTRONIC and I-SHIFT.

Discover them here!


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